Saints Leadership Programme: Changing the Culture in Sports Clubs

passportOver the academic year 2012/13, CAPOD worked with the Saints Sport team to bring about culture change amongst 7 sports Focus Clubs: Tennis, Football, Rugby, Ultimate, Fencing, Golf, and Water Polo.

CAPOD created a leadership programme for 30 students who would go on to act as leaders within their clubs to change the culture to one of increasing professionalism, performance-focus, and growth mind-sets.

The programme comprised of 6 leadership theory workshops, combined with tasks and reflective exercises between the sessions. The student participants, Directors of Sports and the Performance Sports Manager have all reported cultural change and a sustained impact as a result of the programme.

The student participants reported that the programme caused 100% of them to think about their leadership style,  89% think of themselves as being more of a leader now than at the start of the programme, and 86% said that they have made changes to their behaviour as a result of the programme.

One of the Directors of Sport commented that the programme has “absolutely” had an impact on his club: “The whole concept of getting them to see themselves as leaders, to put some thought into how they could do it better, was infinitely valuable. It made a huge difference in the club.”

Other Directors have observed participants taking more of a lead in Club activities, becoming better at speech making, setting goals and objectives for their clubs over the season, and moving club cultures from being very ‘individual’ to being more inclusive.

The programme will run again next year, with the original cohort taking part as co-presenters on the workshops, and mentors to the next crop of leaders. The ‘learning legacy’ continues in other ways too: Participants have taken part in a leadership lecture to PG students in the School of Management, will be presenting a poster about the programme at the International HE Innovation and Enhancement Conference in June, and will continue to share their learning within and between their clubs.




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