What I gained from the Professional Skills Curriculum

student passport front pageThe Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) is a developmental programme run by CAPOD for students. It focuses on developing the kinds of graduate skills employers value. One of the students who took part last year, shares her experience:

The Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) had helped me a lot this year. I have been a member of two different committees in the past year and as a result was able to use the knowledge obtained from the workshops. On one of these committees I also held an executive positions and the information obtained from the PSC had helped me to remain calm and always in control of the situation.

A very important point that I took from PSC was listening. This academic year I was a secretary in a student sports club, which has 20 committee members. An incredibly big size of the committee meant that quite often opinions of some would be spoken too loudly, though they would not represent the majority, so I did everything to make sure that all the opinions and all the pros and cons are delivered and the vote has been taken fairly to insure that club is running effectively and for the benefit of the club members. Even in my personal life I felt like I made more effort to listen to people and to be more attentive to the information my friends are giving me.

Also an online workshop, about taking minutes, was very useful for me. This is the first year that I had to write them and having a template and a really well put together explanation helped me to create the meeting’s minutes quickly, and they were always easy to follow and read.

I also enjoyed taking the “Assess Your English (AYE!)” test. Not having English as my native language, I am aware, that I occasionally make mistakes and at times it is difficult to identify where those mistakes are. The test helped me to highlight some of the words and structures that I have been using incorrectly and helped me improve my English, which is something that I always strive to do.

I also enjoyed completing the PSC’s quizzes as I was able to take, at times a well needed, break, yet I felt that I wasn’t wasting my time. As I also learned from PSC, that I shouldn’t be wasting time as it is precious and thus time management is a very important skill that I should improve. My life is very busy, I am studying towards a joint degree, compete on behalf of 2 clubs as well as being on 2 committees. At times managing all the activities I take part in and my deadlines could be challenging, but thanks to the time management online workshop, I reviewed my own efficiency and by keeping a very detailed diary I am able to manage and give 100 percent of my attention to everything I do, which always brings a reward.

I hope next year there will be more lectures and workshops available and I would be looking forward to attending them!”

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