Reflections from SMRU Marine’s team awayday (August 2013)

As the new Operations Manager for SMRU Marine – a commercial spin off company of the University that investigates marine mammal monitoring issues, I was very keen to know more about my team and vice versa.

Luckily CAPOD, in the form of Erwin and Jos came to the fore. Between us we designed a team day which focused on the company priorities, gave space to raise and address any key issues and finished off with a personal MBTI profiling session.

This really set the scene for our new ways of working, a better understanding of the challenges we face and some good personal insights into the way we function and how we behave according to our personal preferences.

As a new manager in post it was really valuable – Erwin took the time to really help plan and co-ordinate the day in order to reach some specific goals. Jos led on the MBTI profiling session and explained to a group of very bright people the scientific validity of MBTI, its ethics, its past/present  use and how it might help us.

Overall it has been a great starting block for me to take forward and I’m in the middle of planning the next steps – especially taking advantage of CAPOD’s central function for mentoring and coaching as well as further team development.

Thoroughly recommended.

Dr Claire Eatock

SMRU Marine

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