Wellbeing by numbers



Measuring impact is not always easy to do, but having hard metrics can help by shedding some light on where our impact is greatest in terms of web information.

Google analytics offers a useful mechanism to help me keep track of the impact of some our engagement and wellbeing activities for staff. The wellbeing and engagement pages were created in May last year and have been steadily developed since with content from members of the University’s wellbeing and engagement group.

Data from google analytics has allowed us to track which pages are the most well visited (and arguably make the greatest impact on staff). I can see at a glance that the pages were viewed approximately 12% more this November than last November, with 12,531 views. Within the wellbeing section, the pages on ‘Health’ are best used, followed by ‘Involve yourself’ and ‘Supporting students.’ The biggest change has been the increase in the ‘involve yourself’ section, up 250% from the same time last year.

Using data like this to help us assess the impact of our online wellbeing resources helps CAPOD, through the wellbeing and engagement group, know where to target our resources and where the demand from staff lies.



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