Impact – sharing knowledge and experience

A group of colleagues in CAPOD have been working over recent months to develop an improved process for evaluating all workshops, courses, 1:1 meetings, coaching, and networking events. The aim is to ensure our offerings are in line with University strategy and to find ways to assess the impact of training and development; essentially how we can demonstrate that the time our staff give to attending training and development events has had a positive effect on their own work or the work of their school or unit. Similarly, we hope to be able to gather evidence to demonstrate impact in terms of student support and development.

This organised discussion amongst informed colleagues is a great example of how sharing ideas and knowledge can have an impact on what we do. We have drawn together lots of ideas and synthesised these into our new process – essentially demonstrating the impact of organised creative thinking and sharing of experience. This new evaluation process will help us to assess our suite of development opportunities to ensure that what CAPOD delivers is of excellent quality and on the right topics to meet the goals of staff, students and strategy.

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