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Instant impact

For a lot of the courses we run, the impact doesn’t become apparent until a few months later. However, the structure of the Presentation Skills course enables participants to put the learning into practice immediately. On Day 1 of the course, we cover the steps necessary to create a good presentation and focuses on two aspects: design and delivery. During the day, participants are applying these principles and ideas to a presentation that they are working on. Between Day 1 and Day 2, these presentations are further refined and developed.

Day 2 is actually a half day and involves the participants delivering their presentations in small groups whilst being recorded. They then get to watch themselves and get feedback from the course presenters as well as their fellow participants. Sound scary? Well, the thought of watching yourself isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, and most people who attend do dread the idea. Afterwards, though, the participants report that it has been of great benefit to them. There is no doubt that the discipline of creating the presentation, then seeing yourself on screen is a fantastic way to learn. It is great to see the ideas and techniques we talk about on Day 1 being put into practice, and we have seen some excellent presentations. The feedback we give is focused on being constructive and delivered in a supportive environment and the participants rate this very highly as a positive experience.

We are confident that the quality of presentations delivered by those who attend will improve. The objectives for this course are:
• Feel more confident when presenting
• Have increased self-awareness about your own presenting style
• Know how to structure a presentation
• Have an awareness of common presenting pitfalls
• Have an opportunity to practise presenting and receive feedback

What do people say about this course?

Here are some of the recent comments:

“Have already told all IT team-leaders to attend as it is excellent”

“Superb course one of the best I have attended.”

“It would be good to come along not if you have to do presentations but for your own development.”


“Well worth the time and gives you confidence to do a presentation”

“Excellent thoroughly enjoyed the day and a half”

“This course is unmissable if you want good advice and help creating a presentation”

We would love to see more people sign up for this course. We can guarantee to help you at every stage during the design and delivery of your presentation, and that you will leave us more prepared and feeling more confident about doing presentations in the future.

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