Supporting Student Academic Development

I would like to introduce myself: I am June Knowles and am the Academic Skills Consultant in the University. This role enables me to work with students in a variety of settings including: small and large groups, one-two-one meetings, class groups, short courses, drop-in sessions where students are assisted in the area of Academic Skills.
Students have the academic skills that are required to be at St Andrews; however; sometimes there is a need to have some up-skilling in areas such as:

  • Citing and referencing
  • Note taking
  • Study techniques
  • Study organisation
  • Reading skills
  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Research skills
  • Time/task management
  • Exam preparation

Students from all years and all disciplines can meet with me by requesting an appointment. This provision is confidential and free.

As well as meeting with students there are online resources available on the web and within Moodle (the University’s VLE).

Impact: it is not always immediately recognised that there has been an impact as the techniques may take some practice and time; however; the provision is highly regarded by both staff and students.

The following comments have been given by students:

  • I hadn’t written an essay for 2 years – this help certainly helped me with gathering my information and essay structure
  • Time-management – I never knew how to do this … what a difference organising and giving adequate time to my study has made to my stress levels (less  – of course!)
  • My grades have improved …
  • I am always stressed by exams, the session I had with … helped me to prepare for exams and I feel less stressed about them
  • I’d never given a presentation… I now know what I have to do and how to go about preparing my presentation
  • Citing and referencing … what is it? … how do I do it? I now know that if I don’t cite and reference I will be guilty of misconduct (aargh)

For further information see:

Look for this new development (in Moodle) available in the new academic year: Training in Good Academic Practice. This course is to be completed by all 1st year students (although available to all) and includes learning materials that complement the University’s Good Academic Practice Policy.

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