Winning the war by small victories.

The level of demand for CAPOD’s Assertiveness courses indicates that this is something a lot of us struggle with. CAPOD addresses this issue by offering a short introductory course , and also two Dealing with Difficult Behaviour courses which go into more depth on the topic. Learning Assertiveness skills is something that can really have an impact on how people behave, both within and outwith the workplace, and can really be life changing.

It is therefore, always encouraging to hear from participants who have put some of the learning into action. Below is a quote from a participant two months after attending the two-hour introductory session (reproduced with permission):

A follow up email to report a small ‘victory’ with regard to the situation we discussed at the Assertiveness Skills course a while back! The ‘Fact/Feeling/Need’ approach has also helped in dealing with another recent very difficult situation this time in writing and I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself. Such a simple approach but I can see how it is really effective. I think in both instances I’ve managed to stay calm throughout though there are still some ‘comebacks’ that I find very difficult to handle so I look forward to the Dealing with Difficult Behaviour course in a few weeks.

Thanks again for taking the time to give me extra tuition on that day, it really made a difference to me and you didn’t have to do that. A short but worthwhile CAPOD course that I would have no hesitation in endorsing.

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