Efficiency savings add up

This post was written by Dr Bruce Sinclair, Director of Teaching in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Our degrees in physics and astronomy are accredited by the UK Institute of Physics (IOP). The IOP requires paperwork and an inspection visit every five years to determine that the degrees remain acceptable for accreditation. This fits with a similar timescale to University-led Reviews of Learning and Teaching in Academic Schools.

Our School was pleased that CAPOD was willing to accept the documentation required by the IOP to be the main input for the University-led Review, and for the University-led Review visit to happen shortly after the IOP visit. This meant that a great deal of the preparatory effort for the inspections could be used for both. This was a useful increase in operational efficiency.

The School gained from our additional reflection on our activities that was catalysed by the preparation for the two reviews, as well as from the comments of the two sets of assessors. We are happy that both teams determined that learning and teaching was generally going well here, and we were pleased to receive suggestions about how we may wish to consider taking some things forward. Some actions have already been taken, and other actions are scheduled for the weeks ahead.

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